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'WW1 British Battle Insignia'

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You may or may not know that we have had a book published on WW1 insignia.Sadly, due to no contact with the publisher it has been printed with some errors in the introduction which we feel would have made the history of the research clearer.
 In 1919 the war department,on behalf of the National war museum,sent out a questionaire to all the serving regiments of the great war asking them for details of all insignia worn.This had been,up until then,the first major conflict that had involved nearly the whole world and the government was keen to record all aspects of the conflict, so had set up in 1917 the National War Museum, later to become the Imperial War Museum in 1923.
 Some regiments sent back full details such as colour,size ,where and when worn.Other regiments were rather vague such as a red or yellow square.Others did not bother to reply at all.
 The collection was held at the Imperial War Museum until the late 1980's,when during a meeting of the 'Military Heraldry Society' which were held at the museum and of which I was member,learnt of the the collection and was given the oppurtunity to examine and record the original questionaires (not in 1960,that would have made me 3! )
 The research was passed onto a militaria dearler friend of mine when I moved in the late 1990's (not the 80's) where it was spotted  by the now publishers several years ago.They contacted me for permission to print the book,which I agreed to ,pointing out that I had still been adding to the original work (I had kept the original research) but due to its size they only wanted to print the original research complete with ommissions (the oringinal was quite large as I had recorded armbands,ranks,trade etc) so the new book is quite in depth and will make an excellant primer for the mine field that is WW1 British battle insgnia. Maybe vol 2 one day!
 The book is avaliable from Military Mode Publishing.

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